Lady In Balance, LLC - Living to Dream, Believe & Succeed One Step at a Time Lady In Balance, LLC - Living to Dream, Believe & Succeed One Step at a Time
About Lady In Balance, LLC

Lady In Balance, LLC is a faith-based company created to be a blessing to our clients and members.

Lady In Balance, LLC is a framework unlike any other. We empower each woman to step out and do that very thing that burns in her stomach because she knows there is more and keeps her up at night thinking of how to reach her goals. Though circumstances and life may have told you there are too many other things that must be done and this dream you have must wait, we want every woman to know that it is possible to have a dream and achieve all that you desire to be in life.

We recognize that deep inside of every woman there is a silent cry and plea wondering how to reach their fullest potential, succeed in life, and maintain balance. Lady In Balance, LLC hosts powerful personal development workshops and seminars with inspirational and experienced speakers with proven success. We offer developmental tools that will enhance the mind, body, and spirit; concentrating on both the inner and outer being of each woman.

Our Goal

  • Our goal is to see each woman successful in every area of her life; empowered, confident, and living out her purpose.
  • Our goal is to see each woman whole, healed, and delivered from past issues, circumstances, and hurts.
  • Our goal is to bless each woman with the power of knowing she is great and equipped to do all things she sets her mind to.
  • Our goal is help each woman find her soul purpose in life and take action to reach her goals.

Lady In Balance, LLC will:

  • Speak Truth in Love
  • Show Integrity and Respect
  • Encourage Continuous Personal Improvement
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