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Bio Lady In Balance, LLC
Angela Bryce is the Founder of Lady In Balance, LLC. Angela Bryce is a Visionary, Leader, and Dynamic Business Woman with a passion to help others succeed.

Angela has overcome her own personal bleak surroundings, disappointments, and dire circumstances and knows first hand how life can sometimes derail you from reaching and achieving your dreams and goals. Because she was blessed to overcome so many struggles, Angela decided to accept her life mission to touch as many women’s lives as she can and provide the resources and tools needed to live a life on Purpose and with passion.

Ms. Angela Bryce received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a MBA from Strayer University. Angela is a Certified Life Strategies Coach, Author, Speaker, and Body Flow Instructor. Angela is the proud and loving mother of two beautiful children, Antonio and Arielle. Angela enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves studying her bible, traveling, exercising, reading and writing. She is a true Servant of God; dedicated to helping others reach their goals and dreams. Angela believes having a spiritual foundation based in God is the key to having your heart’s desire. Her favorite quote is, “If you believe, you can achieve!

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